The History Of Berber Rugs

The history of Berber rugs begins in ancient Morocco where the tradition of rug making in this country began. It is thought to have started back in the Paleolithic era where tribal people would create them for both decorative and useful purposes. The Berber tribes were known for creating these knotted and flat woven coverings for beds, and they also did the same for sleeping mats. From there, they began to create what we now call Berber rugs that are sold in stores today. Let’s go history of Berber rugs and how things have changed over the years.


The Elements Of A Berber Rug

The creation of Berber rugs stems back to a city by the name of Fes during the 13th century. They began to create woven carpets and rugs that had floral patterns and diamond-shaped elements. As trade began to across the world, they became more popular. They would use crisscross patterns, horizontal patterns, and finally create the unique, comprehensive designs that we see in the rugs today. Thick piled Berber rugs have now become well-known in the world with popping hues and neutral shades that are made with geometric patterns. They can appeal to virtually anyone and will go well in most any home regardless of the decor. You can find these rugs for sale at many stores, both machine manufactured, and those that are still made by hand and sold that a higher price.


How Berber Rugs Are Made Today

In the past, there would be thousands of workers that would create these rugs in what were called artisan embroidery studios. This is typically done in the cities, Medina. Some of the most famous ones came out of Rabat, and it is from those designs that we now have the ones that we see today. They can be made by a machine which is how most of the inexpensive ones are created. However, there are still companies that employ legions of people that are skilled in the art of weaving these rugs together. Not only will they leave the rugs, but these companies are also creating the material that will be woven, along with the colours that are unique to this particular type of rug.


Where Can You Buy Them Today?

You can purchase these today from stores all across the world. They are well known for their longevity and creativity. If you are paying less than $100 for one, it is likely one that is made by machine. The most expensive ones can cost thousands of dollars, but they will last a lifetime, made of the finest materials by people that have been creating these rugs for decades. You can find them online, allowing you to place your order so it can be sent directly to you. You can get both small and large rugs that will be sent out usually the same day you place the order. You need to research the different companies that sell them to make sure that you are getting something authentic. You should have no problem at all finding authentic Berber rugs that will be reasonably priced. You simply have to compare the different companies that sell them and make sure that you are getting something authentic sent to your location.


Over the years, Berber rugs have been produced in mass quantities. They started from the humble beginnings of making rugs and blankets for the Berber nomads centuries ago. Today, they have become one of the most sought after rugs in the world, ones that will last for decades. By searching the Internet for the many companies that make authentic Berber rugs, you should be able to find one that is the right size and colour for your household.