About Us

Want The Best – Visit Marrakech

We are a group of individuals with a common passion, the intricacies of Marrakech. For many years we have visited this beautiful country, immersing ourselves in the culture and exploring the handmade crafts from the Artisans of Morocco. Let us paint you our perfect picture….

So there you are in North Africa. Land of a thousand different experiences from food and cuisine to mysterious and exciting cultures and you’re at a loss of where to start exploring this fascinating part of the world.


Here’s a hint – try Marrakech. This city is a blend of old and new. It combines the wonder of ancient Africa and the new and exciting cultural exchange between the west and the rapidly evolving world of North Africa.


Turn a corner in the old city in this, Morocco’s crowning jewel, and you might find a seller of antique carpets or a man charming snakes. That is the essence of Marrakech. It offers something new around every corner.


And every visitor will be charmed by the food that is on offer. Numerous food stalls offer everything from fried food to delicious desserts. Stick to those that the locals eat, and do the logical tourist thing – sealed bottles of water. But do try the grilled meats on offer they are incredibly useful. Marrakech offers an excellent exploration of tastes from North Africa. No one should be afraid to jump into the experiences that this beautiful city offers.